New Agent, Pictionary and Nichos Party


How's your day going? As you may have noticed, there has been an Agent Poll going on for a whole week, and now it has come to an end! As I mentioned in the previous post, the candidates were Anirudh53, Me, Tzsu and Reece. I have won the poll and now I am an Agent! Thank you to everyone who voted for me, I really appreciate your support and it means a lot to me!

Moving on, Agent Megs is going to host a Pictionary event on Friday, May 29th! Don't forget to be there in the Agents Underground at 8PM Cho-time!

Image from the Main Blog

Also, Bebot and Jas are going to host a Nichos Party at a Secret Location! Sounds good, right? Don't forget to dress up like a Nicho to keep yourself safe! This party will be on Thursday, May 28th. Meeting is in the Cafe Street and then we will all get flushed to the Secret Location! You'll find more details in the image below:

Image from the Main Blog

Have fun!

May Journalists + Agent Poll

Hello Chotopians,

How've you been? I've got good news to tell you today! The Chotopia Team were looking for May Journalists and they gave everyone 2 weeks to submit their blog for Journalism on Discord. Today, they have finally announced who the new Journalists are! Congratulations to the following users:

Journalists will receive a Journalist badge on their playercard, a purple nametag, a feather hand item, an exclusive Journalist playercard skin, one week of free Citizenship at the beginning of each month, the ability to host their own contests on their blog, the ability to private chat staff members even if they have their playercard blocked, their blog will be listed on Chotopia's Official Blog, and finally they'll be invited to write a post on the Main Blog!

Moving on, there is an Agent Poll going on right now, don't forget to cast your vote before the poll ends! Here is an image that shows who the candidates are:

Have fun,

Most Active Chotopians + New Citizenship Packages

Hello Everyone!How's you all? Since April is over, we can now announce the 3 most active users in the month of April! This will be announced at the end of every month.Congratulations to Anna, Novo and Snailen. They are the most active Chotopians last month. They will receive $2 in their account and a unique shirt just for active people!
Picture from the main blog

Picture from the main blog
I really love the hoodie and those lightning boots! Do not miss out on them, these are the best items so far this year!Have fun,ShowerMoving on, there are new Citizenship packages! If you want to visit the Citizenship page click here. Here's a picture of the new citizenship packages:

New Contest & Partayy!!

Hey guys! Realm here with some exciting news.

After this most recent contest of Tug o' War, the moderators have announced the 2 most recent contests that we are able to complete it! Mechanical Crab & Pinball!
Make sure to start competing ASAP because people are gaining points fast!

Image from the main blog
Of course, we can't leave you guys on just that note so we have an announcement from Jas for a Cinco de Mayo party on the 5th of May at 7PM Chotime @ the Cafe! There will be lots of music, games and a chance to maybe learn some Spanish!!

Hope to see you guys there! 


Chotopia's 6th Birthday!

Hello Everyone!

You might have noticed that the Cafe Street is now decorated for Chotopia's 6th Anniversary! If not, then you'll have to clear cache! Here's a picture of the decoration:

Looks amazing right? You will also find a new quest called 'Shadow'! Shadow has lost 6 hats and in order to complete the quest, you will have to find those hats and bring them back to Shadow. You will have to search in several locations for the hats. Here's a photo that shows you how the hat looks like:

It looks very good! Thanks to Jas for designing this cool hat!

Moving on, since Chotopia is having its 6th Birthday, there will be many events happening on the 26th of April! Here's a schedule of the events happening:

Image from the main blog

The first set of events will be the Age 0 Party, Hangman Agent Event and Academy Games, Choboard, Robofactory, Asteroid competition boards!

The second set will be the Blast from the Past party, Garbage Collector & the Quiz Agent Event

The third set will be Sweet Battle competition, Blue & Purple Party & a Nicho and Cow Mission competition! 

The big finale will be the Fashion Show Agent Event & the long waiting Birthday Party!!

We will see yall there!! Check Jas's Instagram @jas.chotopia for the countdown!

Shower & Realm

Robofactory Contest + Chowthrow winners!

RoboFactory Contest

Hey Chobots! The team at Chotopia have put up their newest contest! Starting today, 20th of April, until the 27th of April you can rack up the points in RoboFactory and win a cool prize!

The prize will be some bugs, citizen & an exclusive RoboFactory playercard!!

Good luck to those competing!

Chothrow Contest results!

(Image from the main blog)

Ah! After Christobob spent the last 17 months cleaning up after us, the Chothrow contest winners have been announced!

Congratulations to Rswreece, Novo & Anna!

Reece will win 7 days of citizenship and 15,000 bugs!

Novo will win 5 days of citizenship and 10,000 bugs!

Anna will win 3 days of citizenship and 7,500 bugs!

Congratulations again guys! 

See you on Chotopia!

Realm x)

New Agents + Party Recap!

Wow! What a party! Thank you so much to the moderator team for hosting last night! Not only was the party extremely exciting, but we now have 2 new agents to go with the 2 new moderators!

The Party was a tonne of fun! We listened to some awesome music, everyone played solos at varying times which sounded... interesting? There was some exclusive shirts being rained! We got a Nirvana, The Rolling Stones and a Rock & Roll shirt! We also got some cool new Yeezys that I'll definitely save for the next fancy party!

Thank you Bebot for the photo!

During the party, it was announced that Megs and I will be your new agents going forward! I look forward to helping out around Chotopia and working with the team to bring you a great experience! Thank you to the people who voted, you're amazing E>. 

Thank you! I can't thank you guys enough! I'll see you around Chotopia! Stay safe & stay awesome!

Realm x)